About Me

  You've reached (Dr) Steve O'Shea, once museum curator, university professor and giant squid chaser, nowadays a more mature (in age) fellow that can be found around Sydney, Australia, doing various things. They say every decade we need to reinvent ourselves; I'm in the process of doing so now.

For nearly 25 years I studied deep-sea life, especially cephalopods (octopus and squid), and participated in many an expedition. My research saw me travel extensively, throughout  and all around New Zealand, the Bonin Islands in southern Japan, and the Sea of Cortez, using submersibles, nets, deep-sea robots and sleds. In a Discovery Channel first way back in 2001 my team even caught and filmed juvenile giant squid off New Zealand. We had them in tanks aboard a ship until all sadly died. Our approach was a simple - there must be hundreds of thousands of juveniles out there for every big adult - all we had to do was catch them and grow them up in captivity. It was, of course, much easier said than done; I do hope someone achieves it one day because it would be quite awsome to see. Others had sought to search for the adult in situ - something but a dream until Dr Tsunemi Kubodera went eyeball-to-eyeball with one more than a decade later in 2012. The smile on his face was priceless.

I've published more than 40 papers on squid, octopus, whales, fisheries and conservation, and been involved in a dozen-or-so documentaries, but the career was cut short in 2011. Today I'm working towards playing a new role in society, and look forward to new challenges ahead.