Subject: Colossal squid By: Giambattista Bello Date: 27/05/2014

Dear Steve, yesterday I watched on TV, in Italy, your documentary on the colossal squid. I enjoyed it and was pleased to see you in action. My best congratulations!!!
Best wishes,
Giambattista (Gianni)

Subject: Fascinating and Inspiring By: Heather and Roman G. Date: 06/05/2014

Hi Steve, we just watched your colossal squid documentary on Netflix and really enjoyed it. My son, Roman, is 8 y/o and we were both entertained by your knowledge and your personality throughout the presentation. I found your website and read through your mini-autobiography and, truly, you have led a fascinating life with triumphs and hardships. Thank for your candor and your hope. It is inspiring.

Subject: Expert in my essay By: KRin Pender-Gunn Date: 01/03/2014

I'm doing a Coursea course being run through Duke University - Marine Megafauna - and I have to do a short essay on a marine megafauna species. Of course, it is on the wonderful giant squid and you are the "expert in the species" I am using. You will always be my giant squid expert! Cheers KRin

Subject: Giant Squid comments By: Kirk McGuire Sculpture Date: 07/06/2013

Hi Steve! Just wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my giant squid and sculpture! Also that I have watched what you do for several years now, and I am a big fan my friend. Hope to meet you someday!


Kirk McGuire Kirk McGuire Sculpture

Subject: Re: Giant Squid comments By: Steve O Date: 07/03/2014

Thanks Kirk

Subject: Hello! By: Walter Ty Date: 04/06/2013

Greetings from Manila, Steve - I've seen you quite a few times on that Discovery Channel giant squid documentary. Didn't realise that we share the same birthday although I am a year older (1964). My e-mail is

Subject: Squid and TV request By: Mirja Date: 10/05/2013

Dear Mr. O'Shea,

my name ist Mirja and I'm a german TV journalist.
Unfortunatly I do not have a Googlemail account so I just can contact you via this webside.

At the moment I am working on a TV production about Ambra, sperm whales and squid.
My question now is if you know any footage where you appear which was not filmed by the BBC oder the Discovery Channel.
Or do you have an exclusiv contract that you will just film with them?

I would love to show some footage about your work on german tv as well....

Best regards

Subject: Re: Squid and TV request By: The Dark Date: 04/05/2014

Victory to the Blanket Men!

Subject: Hi Steve By: Phillybobs Date: 01/03/2013

Just want to thank you for inspiring me. You've achieved a lot in your 47 years and after reading your biography, you come across as a fascinating and wonderful man.

I too have struggled with depression and know what a lonely place it can be. Just know that watching your documentaries on the ocean, has brought great joy and wonder to me. I wish you all the very best and hope that one day, you personally get to witness a Giant and or Colossal Squid in it's natural environment.

Subject: Re: Hi Steve By: Steve Date: 02/03/2013

Thank you for your kind words

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