Subject: PhDs By: Michael McBain Date: 12/05/2017


Not quite sure how I got here [must have been something to do with giant squid], but I am glad you found someone to share your life with, and that you are pushing back the frontiers of knowledge with a second PhD. Because I'm such a dilettante, I've kept coming back to formal study every five years or so, and I have had both amazing and inspiring lecturers *and* the other kind. I look back on all the study I've done, the experiences I've had, the people I've met, and none of it was wasted, even the shitty bits.
Michael McBain
Federation University

Subject: Hoorah Steve By: Craig Meade Date: 26/01/2017

That's a fine bio Steve. If you can reflect on your life to that level you are a true zen master. More masterful than most of us. Life's a kraken and you know more about them than any of us. Best of luck and your friends still at NHNZ are glad you are happy.

Subject: By: Cytat Date: 28/12/2016

Best Regards

Subject: Thanks and Best Wishes By: Kitt B. Date: 03/07/2016

Dear Dr. O'Shea,

I did a little online hunting and discovered this site. Glad to hear you are finding a new direction, though I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes you'd been offered a gazillion dollars to host some conservation/education series by Discovery Channel or the like. You have a genuine, 'regular guy' vibe that is mixed with extraordinary knowledge, and that combination is hard to find.
My own interest in marine biology and cephalopods was side-tracked before I started college, but it's still a side interest. I have gotten joy and knowledge from your activities in the field, and I look forward to whatever general interest books you publish!
Best wishes on your life journey, and if you ever visit Seattle, WA (USA) I'd be happy to spot you a few rounds!

Yours, Kitt Bradley

Subject: Re: Thanks and Best Wishes By: kitt B Date: 17/12/2016

Thank you very much for such kind words Kitt
All of the very best to you

Subject: photography By: John Buckeridge Date: 04/05/2016

Hi Steve, some very nice images! Hope all is going well.

Subject: Humboldt Squid By: Scott Cassell Date: 04/02/2015

Dear Dr. O'Shea,
My team and I are planning to do some more work with Humboldt squid in California and Baja and would LOVE to have you join us. We will be using our little sub, Great White to dive to a few hundred feet at night with bait and white & red lights with intent to attract something a bit... bigger 'again'. This time, however, we will be in the water with it... we will be in control and we will own it.
It would make me very happy to see you in the sub when that happens. Stock footage only... no broadcast film teams to complicate things. Self-funded with just well-trusted friends doing something we live for.

Please drop us a line (email) and let's chat about ideas.

All our best!

Scott Cassell & Kerry Franciscovich
Undersea Voyager Project

Subject: Personality extraordinaire By: Cynthia Rau Date: 11/10/2014

Dear Steve,

Came across your Discovery documentary on Giant Squid and ultimately your website. I must say you have inspired me to re-evaluate life and purpose, through the candid telling of your history. Love of ocean and & downs in education, work and relationships...finding oneself again. So much of your journey parallels where I have been and where I'd like to go. I intend to follow your documented journey. (no Wishing you all the best in your new adventures.

Here's to you and all the "crazy life loving" characters out there...may you continue to inspire us all.


Cynthia Rau

Subject: Re: Personality extraordinaire By: Steve O Date: 14/10/2014

Thank you for your very kind words Cynthia, and for everyone else too that has taken the time to write here.

Me (Steve)

Subject: Re: Encouragement By: Gail Boone Date: 17/09/2014

Dear Dr. O'Shea: It is with great sorrow that I discovered what has happened and why you are not in the media with this latest squid dissection at Te Papa. I know how hard you worked for your career and I have seen your mistake repeated many times by business leaders and academics in the corporate world. If I had been your boss I would never have made your resign. Nor is this to be judged by anyone. I wish for you all the best in your life in France. I am glad Shoba is still part of your life despite what has happened. I always thought she was a good anchor for you during your tough times. Wishing you and your new family all the best at this time. I still think you are one of the great scientists of our time mentored by great scientists. Cheers Gail

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