Subject: Humboldt Squid By: Scott Cassell Date: 04/02/2015

Dear Dr. O'Shea,
My team and I are planning to do some more work with Humboldt squid in California and Baja and would LOVE to have you join us. We will be using our little sub, Great White to dive to a few hundred feet at night with bait and white & red lights with intent to attract something a bit... bigger 'again'. This time, however, we will be in the water with it... we will be in control and we will own it.
It would make me very happy to see you in the sub when that happens. Stock footage only... no broadcast film teams to complicate things. Self-funded with just well-trusted friends doing something we live for.

Please drop us a line (email) and let's chat about ideas.

All our best!

Scott Cassell & Kerry Franciscovich
Undersea Voyager Project

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