Subject: Re: Encouragement By: Gail Boone Date: 17/09/2014

Dear Dr. O'Shea: It is with great sorrow that I discovered what has happened and why you are not in the media with this latest squid dissection at Te Papa. I know how hard you worked for your career and I have seen your mistake repeated many times by business leaders and academics in the corporate world. If I had been your boss I would never have made your resign. Nor is this to be judged by anyone. I wish for you all the best in your life in France. I am glad Shoba is still part of your life despite what has happened. I always thought she was a good anchor for you during your tough times. Wishing you and your new family all the best at this time. I still think you are one of the great scientists of our time mentored by great scientists. Cheers Gail

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