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There are many Steve O'Shea's out there, but if you are looking for the fellow that has chased giant squid around the oceans, defrosted colossal squid, has buried himself within whale entrails and is an avid conservationist, well, you've found the right one. Here you will learn a little about myself, my exploits, and my vision for the future, and it is not all about squid.


Relocating to Bordeaux

07/08/2014 13:54

My better half is relocating to Bordeaux for work, so it is off to Bordeaux that we go in August. I'll be transferring my photographic work with me, and for the first time in several years we will be based by the coast again. I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with things marine, though my passion for the birds and bugs of the land and skies will always be. Maybe another door will open.

Giant Squid Expedition 2012 photo gallery

26/05/2014 09:20

The photogallery of images taken during the 2012 Discovery Channel/NHK expedition for giant squid in waters off Japan is now online here. If a Flickr member, post your questions beneath any given image and I will do my best to respond.

There is a tremendous amount of work involved in an expedition like this, but there's also a lot of fun, sometimes.


New Flickr site established

05/05/2014 18:36

My Flickr account profiles some of the plants, animals and experiences that I have encountered in my travels over these past few years, with new albums and images being regularly added. My interests have expanded from just squid and octopus to now include the likes of birds, insects and mushrooms, to name but a few, taken during my travels from the South Pacific through to Europe, and even the successful expedition for giant squid documented by Discovery Channel and Japan's NHK in 2012 off Japan.

Steve starts new photographic venture in Paris

03/05/2014 00:00

After several years of travelling the world, Steve is finally settling down for good(ish) in the lovely city that is Paris, France. He's started up a new photographic venture as a Roving Photographer, capturing the others experiences in this beautiful city.

You can find out more about it here, if ever you find yourself in his neck of the woods.

I am about to completely revamp this current site.

Giant Squid for sale

07/03/2014 15:05

Unique opportunity to own a unique piece of art, history and science


A REAL Architeuthis specimen, no preservative required

As prepared by Gunther von Hagens, as reported in New Scientist

5 metres (15 feet) long, one piece, the left side of the squid, with beaks and partial anatomy

Contact me directly at octoshea@gmail.com

Plastinated Giant Squid (Architeuthis)Plastinated Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux